"To read is to travel, and travel is detrimental to ignorance." - Marq Neasman Sr.

"To read is to travel, and travel is detrimental to ignorance." - Marq Neasman Sr.
The AOK Youth Reading Program is a literacy program targeting first - fifth graders to build vocabulary, reading fluency, and comprehension.

When it comes to success we are confident in our ability to meet the standards of parents, schools, and teachers.  We understand the science that goes into being successful in education.  Three elements that always accompany success.  The first two are accountability and community.  Any child that struggles in reading typically lacks these two ingredients in his daily regimen as a scholar.

While it may be assumed that community and accountability are a teacher's job, we know that most teachers have a hefty work load that can be overwhelming. Others may assume this algorithm is the job of parents, but we also understand that life as a parent has many twists and turns that make it difficult to see many of the blindspots that may be in our child's life as a learner.  

This is where the AOK Reading Program takes the helm.  We fill in the gap for parents and teachers, helping everyone to focus on the other components that ensure our youth thrive.  The final element of success is what makes our program the first choice of many parents;  that is passion.  It is our burning desire to support families and teachers that makes us successful as a reading program.
Parents often choose tutoring in the hopes of quickly eliminating a child’s struggles. But a short-term fix doesn’t address the fundamental gaps in learning. The AOK Method ensures children master the elements of literacy, through the application of proven literacy principles, by our staff of trained and certified educators.

We utilize a total of 8 Literacy Principles in the AOK Reading Program.  These principles are derived from the National Literacy Action Plans Report, which can be viewed here. 

Kids Advancing Beyond Grade Level
Studies show the greatest improvements in education come when the educator believes in the child. This is why the AOK Reading Program is adamant about kids advancing and never limits their learning. Many AOK children who start a bit behind not only catch up, but advance to studying material ahead of their grade level. 

You’ll find your child completing homework, tests and exams more quickly, correctly and with less stressWhen your child is struggling in school, a tutor may seem like the logical choice. Understanding how AOK is different from traditional tutoring is important in determining what is best for your child.
Teaches Self-Learning
Public schools and most private schools implement what is known as Common Core Curriculum.  Which is formatted to teach students to read from Pre-K to Second grade.  However, beyond this point, student must be able to read in order to learn.  This is where many youth scholars fall through the cracks.  They never develop the ability to think and process information.  This is known as comprehension

Listening to an explanation is no guarantee that the concept has been fully grasped. This is why struggles often resurface. Self-learning in AOK keeps your kids actively engaged. They learn by studying examples and then are able to do the work on their own.
Measure Mastery to Date
While some programs may start a fifth grader on fifth-grade material, AOK may start them at a different level. It’s critical that any gaps in learning be filled first, so your child can better master more advanced concepts.  

*Public and private schools do not possess the power to do this because in most cases it goes against their policies. 

We develop mastery by activating The 5 Stages of Conversion. Which take a child from an unaware state to a nature of conviction/dedication to reading.  The heart of this process lies in a child being able to connect reading (as a vital source)
Identify the Roots of Your Child's Problems
The AOK Program recognizes that a child’s struggle likely stems from having missed earlier, fundamental learning. This may mean taking your child back at first, to ensure this important literacy components are mastered, before moving forward.

Root issues are not easy to trace, but because of our method of self-learning any potential gaps become apparent fairly quickly. In correcting these gaps our students see drastic growth in their production rate and accuracy.  
No Limitation to Advancement
In AOK, your kids continually advance at their own pace, often beyond the material allowed for their grade in school. That’s why even young students can progress to high school calculus, Shakespeare and other advanced material with AOK.

If your child moves ahead in AOK, will he or she be bored in school? Our parents and students report the opposite. Students who walk into school with a firm grasp of the fundamentals become much more engaged and self-confident in class. Each night’s homework also becomes less daunting and time-consuming, making evenings more enjoyable for everyone.
The AOK Reading Program can take your scholar from vowel sounds to Shakespeare!
Pre-Reading Skills


Punctuation & Grammar
Sentence Building

Understanding Paragraphs

Reading Comprehension


Critical Reading
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